• Diving: From rubber boat
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Maxi Depth: -38 meters


  It lies on the starboard side on a sandy bottom of about 40 meters with the keel towards the sea. The ship was at anchor in the Peace harbor a few miles from the city centre. The causes of the sinking, end of years ‘ 60, are not to the best known.
The wreck is strongly exposed to the currents of the Strait, it is advisable therefore to consult the tide tables planning the immersion in hours of “tired”. Th
e ship does not have a particular historical value, but it is still fascinating the descent into the blue until the glimpse of a perfectly intact hull whose summit reaches 30 meters.
Admire how nature has taken over every nook, replacing the paints and sinking its suction cups in the sheet now completely concreted.



In his second life the ship gives refuge to conger conger and groupers (Epinephelus marginatus) of remarkable dimensions and the passage of large banks of Sargos (Diplodus sp.) is practically a certainty.