Maddalena Lo Faro


  •  Diving: From rubber boat
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Maxi Depth: -33 meters
It is located just outside the Falcata area, overlooking Reggio Calabria. Located close to the coast, so much to have the bow emerged, it is possible to see it also by means in transit to and from the “continent”.
Known by two names, Maddalena Lo Faro or Rigoletto, is a small merchant sunk in the years 60. Inside the walls and the large pieces of iron now corrodes by the sea are still distinguishable carcasses of machines of the time, tyres and other mechanical parts now covered by vegetation and various forms of life.

The wreck is positioned on a sandy bottom which slopes sharply.  Descending along the profile of the hull you reach the propeller, still clearly visible, at 36 meters of depth. 
Around the wreck you can see numerous castagnole and when luck allows it also small groups of fish Trombetta (Macrorhamphosus scolopax) that now have made the wreck their home. A welcome surprise is the encounter with the San Pietro Fish (Zeus
Faber)! Tangling of nets and other fishing gear, which unfortunately the sea collects, wraps cargo cranes, cleat, drons and any other spikes in favor of current. It is a
fairly simple immersion if planned with care, because of the strong currents of the strait;  It is not particularly rich in life because of the strong current that overwhels it but it is very beautiful and particular, certainly a dive to redo again so many times and discover the most hidden details!