The Spaccate



  • Diving: From the shore
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Maxi Depth: -18 meters


Typical rock formations dug by the strong currents of the strait, are located just upstream of the Bowesfield, in the area in front of the village of Faro, in the northern outskirts of Messina. The dive goes from 9 to 25 meters is ideal for novice divers who want to discover the fantastic world of scuba diving and know the thousand creatures that live these places.
The numerous gorges are populated by organisms fixed to the substrate such as Pinna nobilis, numerous nudibranchs among the most colourful are the pink Flabellina (F. affinis), sedentary fish such as Scorfani (Scorpaena scrofa), Moray (Muraena Helena), Octopus (octopuses) and Groupers (Epinephelus marginatus). But It is during the night time that life becomes more hectic and offers the strongest emotions to divers of all experiences.