About us

About us

The Ecosfera Cooperative Society was founded in 2001, becoming a rib of the Horcynus Orca Park project, founding its Statute on principles of valorisation and sharing of socio-cultural values linked to the sea. Without neglating the inclusion of disadvantaged people in the world of work.

A passion that turns into commitment generates a unique constructive energy, the time and effort dedicated by each to a common project means that this becomes rooted and continues to grow.

The activity of Ecosfera is articulated between diving school, historical research, cultural activities and cooperation with the competent authorities to protect and conserve the marine environment in general and in particular the resources submerged by the Messinian waters and Sicilian.

The didactic activity allows to divulge the beauty of the underwater world, to train in safety the respectful and conscious users of this invaluable resource.

Curiosity was the spring that led us to investigate and study the history of the many wrecks that lie on the seabed in the waters of the strait. Historical research done at the table on books, documents and newspapers is completed and supports the data obtained in the field during our exploratory dives. But the true completeness of a project is achieved when it is shared with the community.

Our research activities led to the publication in 2015 of the book “The Paths of the strait: stories and images of ships submerged in the Strait of Messina.” The book tells a real itinerary made of stages, stories of wrecks submerged in the waters of the Strait of Messina. To give consistency to the words the suggestive underwater images of these fragments of history.

The deep bond, almost of reverential respect that is established with these pages of history, also give rise to the need to protect them from natural forces as and above all from the actions of man.

The staff of Ecosfera diving, motivated by the passion for the sea and its underwater world, is ready to satisfy the needs of the guests, whether they are experienced divers or beginners, in a climate always characterized by the available simplicity and relaxation typical of these Places.

Please, contact us at +39 3288417884 or email us contact@ecosfera.info

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