Arturo Volpe


  • Diving: From rubber boat
  • Difficulty: High
  • Maxi Depth: -50 meters

It is the wreck of a cargo ship from the recent era located near Capo Peloro, on the northern outskirts of the city of Messina, a short distance from the best known Valfiorita and our diving.

For the historical memory of the inhabitants of Torre Faro the wreck is called “The timber ship” because it carried a cargo of lumber, still visible during the dive, and sank on February 26, 1973
. The Hull rests on the seabed with a depth ranging from 50 meters to over 70 meters.

The hull structures, still in a good state of preservation, rise from the bottom for 10-12 meters; With the load still present and well distinguishable in the holds.
Even this wreck as the Valfiorita has an excellent visibility, thanks to the currents that do not allow the deposition of particles on the surface.