The Scalone


  • Diving: From the dinghy
  • Difficulty: Low/medium
  • Maxi Depth:-18/-45 meters

In the waters in front of the diving, just a few meters from the shore of Cape Peloro, there is a magnificent dive point among the mostbellist of the Tyrrhenian area for its great biodiversity and abundance of species.

A dip from the dinghy and here is the descent into the blue on a vast grassland of Posidonia (Posidonia oceanic) located 20 meters deep on a sandy seabed, excellent nursery point for many Mediterranean species.

Beyond the prairie you can see a first and wide step, which gives its name to the place of diving, descends along the wall until you add the base positioned about 35 meters deep. You can admire beautiful gorgonians and fluctuating spirographs (Sabella Spallanzani). 

A second step that presents with a considerable difference in altitude descends to relevant depths. In the many burrows you can see: Cernie (Epinephelus marginatus), Scorfani (Scorpaena sow), Murene (Muraena helena) and with a bit of luck also some lobster (Palinurus elephas).

The surprises are certainly not finished climbing on a sandy bottom hidden between the Posidonia (Posidonia oceanica) You can discover large and ancient amphorae