• Dive: shore dive
  • Difficulty grade: medium
  • Max depth:  -45m


The wreck is located in the waters in front of the church of Faro, a fishers’ village in the northern suburbs of Messina
We move from the shore along the sandy slope and, at about -25 m, we leave the floor and we swim straight in the blue sea. And there it is! The stately fore of the Bowesfield, that lies on the seabed in a perfect navigation arrangement.
The first impact is breathtaking, it seems to be hit by the huge watershed; the Ship has been there for more than a century, immobile, exposed to the strongest Strait currents. You can admire the sponges’ concretion that covers every single centimeter of the ship.
The fore is at -32 m and the bridge, located in the middle of the ship, is at -47 m. Moving down, technical divers can visit the cockpit of the propeller, at -65 m, where only the shaft is still visible.

Going up along the starboard wall, it is possible to contemplate red and yellow gorgonians (Paramuricea clavata) and the deep rip that caused the ship foundering in 1892.

In 2008, Ecosfera, in collaboration with the A.S.D. Nettuno, published the reserch that led to the correct identification of the wreck; click here to read it .